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Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts!

We, the undersigned, affirm the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender people. We condemn acts of bigotry and hatred. We join PFLAG in celebrating the lives of those we love and admire: acceptance and love … family values for a lifetime.”
Individuals and Families
David and Morven Baker
Scott, Heather, & Cal Baker
C.J. and Helen Grace Barefoot
Martha Elizabeth Beach
Kyla Briscoe
Lela Chesson
Maggie Clay
Meg Cohen and David Balshaw
Ashlee Cooper
Tom and Julia Cooper
Jana Currier
Sophie Dudding
Beth and Jim Flanagan
Sarah, Michael, and Cameron Flanary
Greg Flynn
Mindy Gaebel & Alexander Thornhill
Cheryl Hiser
Ken and Holly Kaufher
Shannon Sutherland-Kirk and J-Edward Kirk
Kim & Henry Krzywy
Janine LeBlanc
David Loven
Bernise A Lynch & Julia M Schelly
Roger Manus and Beverly Miller
Lyn McCoy
Taylor Miller
Robert and Kathleen Mohar
Cathy L. Moore and Stephen T. Gheen
John and Catherine Morrison
Jane Oldham
Diane Owens
Ajay Mathew Rajamanohar
Paul Schlosser
Gregory Schweizer & Israel Pattison
The Scroggs Family
Amy, Matthew, Alexa and Micah Sinn
Anna, Brian and Neko Slightom
Mackenzie Smet
David C. Smith
Molly and Garrett Stein-Seroussi
Dana Stevenson
Carolyn and Brady Surles
Beth and Alston Sykes
Jorge and Cheryl Vargas
Jaime Viola
Valerie Waters
Stuart Wells
In Memory of Marilynn and Buddy George
John and Jane Landreth
In Memory of Andrew Mayer
Ted and Lisa Mayer
Faith Communities
Beth El Synagogue
Church of the Holy Family
Linda McDonough
Community United Church of Christ
Carol D Clark
Ken & Merrilee Jacobson
Adrienne and John Little
Cathy Marshall
Joan McAllister
Jason Myers and Maria Mayorga
Nancy Newell, Betty Anne Ford
Gary K and Jane EG Smith
Jim Smith and Pam Troutman
Skip and Nancy Stoddard
Durham Friends Meeting
Toby Berla
Good Shepherd United Church of Christ
Greenwood Forest Baptist Church
Wesley Spears-Newsome
Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Reconciling in Christ Committee
The Lang Family
Martha and Matt Stallmann
Judea Reform Congregation
Christy, Jeff & Max BGG
Juliet Jensen
Kol Haskalah, A Humanistic Jewish Congregation
Renee & Burt Rauch
Lutheran Campus Ministry-Raleigh
Pastor Jennifer Manis
Amy and Joy Allridge
Dyana Paredes
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church
Patricia V. Long
Raleigh Friends Meeting (Quakers)
Deborah Bromiley
Reconciling Ministries Community at North Raleigh UMC
Reconciling Ministries Community - North Raleigh UMC
LGBT Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi
Jack Finley
St. John’s MCC
Rev. Vance Haywood
Jay and Fred Cannady-Kelderman
Jim Manchester & Edward Smith
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
The Rev. Dr. Helen and Shawn Svoboda-Barber, Amelia, and Luke
The Rev. James B. Craven III and Sara H. Craven
The Rev. Dan Laird and Timothy Laird-Truelove
Joyce Avery
Charles Baker
Phillip, J., and Brock Bass
Rev. Susan Bennett
Beth Bonner
Tom, Ginny, Fletcher, and Jia Brooks
Bill and Valleri Callahan
Sue Campbell
Amy Davis and Jon and Iris Newlin
Peggy DePasquale
Ardath Dixon
Ken, Kristi, Connor, and Timothy Duke
Daniel, Venicia, Elijah, and Elyse Emory
Rosalie Fonda
Hope Galunas
Karen and Michael Gray
Grams and Bill Gutknecht
Nora Hammond
Dale Heady
The Hege Family
The Hendrix Family
Mike & Cindy Henry
Joanne Hooker
Ila Hurley
Hetty and Joe Kaiserlik and Trinity Bailey
Carol Kokesh
Kelley Lawton and Peter Lawton, and Michael Kariher
Patricia LeMoine
Barbara and Wilbur Longmire
Bill Mahony
Nancy Mamlin
Jimmy Meyers
Patty Michaels and Julia Hoyle
Bob and Mary Jane Moore
Eileen Morgan
El, Mars, and Keith Nealson and Ardyn Flynt
Jeff Pitts
Rebecca Porter and David, Jasper, and Annabeth Bass
Janet Ramsey
Marlys Ray and Carlton Brown
Cathy and Kelly Rimer-Surles, Mateo, Tomas, and Miguel
Kaye Saunders and Ted Trinkaus
Elaine Scagnelli
Kim and Jay Schwantes
Lauren Sloan & the MGirls
St. Luke's Youth Group
Sally Starrfield and Amy Kiser
Paul, Corrinne, Evie, and Amelia Surratt
Marleen and Peter Taflan
Rev. Laura Thornton, Jet, and Milo
Ted Triebel
Elizabeth Uzzell
Jean-Mary and Lizbeth Videau
John and Jean Willard
Nancy Usher Williams
Elizabeth Witherspoon
Nancy and John Wyman
John Yarbrough
Rainbow Gathering at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Temple Beth Or
Rabbi H. F. Lucy Dinner, James S. Kantor
Theresa Joan Rosenberg
Congregation of Temple Beth Or
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
Rev. Dr. James Kubal-Komoto, Lead Minister
Rev. Sasha Ostrom, Assistant Minister
Tryst Chagnon, Family Ministry Director
Scott McKenzie, Music Director
Jane Bartlett
Amy C Blackwell
Kim & Chris Breivogel
Kathryn Bundy
Pat Butler
Ceci Callahan and Richard Kevin
Wendy Gates Corbett and Don Corbett
Susan Cottle
The Edmonston Family
Joyce H Gad
Anne Hayes
Tracy and Cruz Hollister
Barbara Holmes
Jane Hunt
Diann Irwin and John McClain
Kent Jeffries & Janice Underwood
Don Laonipon and Greg Hunt
Paul and Bonnie Latham
Art Lieberman and Pat Clark
Billy and Linda Liles
Mark S Long
Ellen B MacMillan
Roger and Dorothy McFeeters
Pat McLaughlin
Hilary Morris
Cathy Murphy
Carol Murray
Sandy Pearce
Alice Pettyjohn
Kaitlin Phillips
Susan and Tom Silverio
Georgia Springer and William Finger
Christina Stableford
Jeff & Linda Stratford
Lee Tate
Carmen and Mark White
Jennifer Stephenson Williams
Chris & Fran Wise
James Wood
Jim Yocom & Robert Scheller
United Church of Chapel Hill
Congregation of the United Church of Chapel Hill
Jon and Mimi Haebig
Watts Street Baptist Church
Rev. Kelly Sasser
Anne and Jim Drennan
Fran Langstaff
Fran Langstaff
Barbara & Dick Rumer
Gordon Whitaker and Bob Hellwig
Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community
Rabbi Raachel and Dr. Stephen Jurovics
Doreen Clark and Lewis Copulsky
Clarissa Schaeffer
Organizations and Businesses
The Androgyny Center
Louis Sawyer
Carolina Theatre of Durham
Rebecca Newton
Change for Living Counseling PLLC
Michelle Topal LCSW
de Andrade Music Studio
Rev. Nanette de Andrade
Durham Gender Alliance
Lea Salas Cordova
Equality NC
Ames Simmons
ErgoSmith Consulting, LLC
Mindy B. Smith
Grub and Nosh Restaurants
Stacey Poston and Wendy Woods
Jewish Federation of Durham/Chapel Hill
Caryn Hertz and Larry Marks
LGBT Center of Raleigh
Lindsey Lughes
Kelly Taylor
Fowler-Nunez Household
Randy Lewis
Anna Lineback
Powell Marshall
Edward Smith & Jim Manchester
Willis Ward Jr
Terry West
LGBTQ Center of Durham
Helena Cragg
Main Street Clinical Associates
NC AIDS Action Network
Mary Jane (MJ) Clark
Lee Storrow
NC House of Representatives
Representative Allison Dahle
Representative Julie von Haefen
OutSouth Queer Film Festival
Jim Manchester
Monique Velasquez and Piper Kessler
Chuck Wheeler and Bill Gregory
Pride Life Expo
Rainbow Community Cares
J Zirbel
RBPN - Raleigh’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Debra Hyson
Melanie Black Dubis
Jim Manchester & Edward Smith
ReachOUT / Gay For Good
Michael Wilson
Riverstone Wellness Collaborative
Phillip Bass, Kristin Mastro
Sycamore Financial Planning, LLC
Chuck Clifton
Village Hearth Cohousing
Eleanor Anasar
Mary Evans
Jane Parrish
Nancy Reynolds
Michael P Rodman
Margaret Roesch & Pat McAulay
Patricia Stressler & Tami Ike
Your neighbor in MA
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